Zoeva Bamboo Set Vol. 2

Complete SetSo this is the Zoeva Bamboo Volume 2 Set! It comes with 8 brushes (5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes), a gorgeous brush holder and a faux leather brush clutch.
Zoeva are a fairly new German brand and their first ever range only consisted of 10 brushes, so they have come incredibly far in the 8 or so years that they have been around and now sell a huge range of incredible brushes, accessories and even have their own makeup line!
Full Brush SetThis set consists of 8 vegan brushes that all have a handcrafted real bamboo handle and soft taklon hair, which is a synthetic fibre that feels exactly like real brush hair! As each brush is handcrafted, the handles are entirely unique in themselves and no two are the same, which I personally think is a very appealing quality. Continue reading

My first ever blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post!!
This is me… Ayesha (pronounced I E Sha!)
Whilst my blog will mainly be focussing on beauty and fashion, I hope to keep it updated with key points in my life such as holidays and events that I feel are interesting and you’d like to see and read my thoughts on!
I am, at this point, just a beauty and fashion YouTuber (You can find me by clicking on the YouTube icon above) but I have a huge passion for writing and feel that I can articulate myself and my thoughts in a much better way than the usual babble and 20 hour long videos on my channel!!
I hope that you enjoy this blog and enjoy the content that I post!
Thank you for reading!!!

Ayesha x