May Favourites


Hi everyone, and welcome to my May Favourites blog post! I always like to do a more in-depth version of my monthly favourites on my blog as I like to ramble a lot and my videos are long enough as it is without needing me to go into crazy detail! I also like to leave links to items as well as swatches which I can’t necessarily always do in my videos! I’ll get straight into this then!

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Makeup Haul

So recently I have been smothered by a lot of uni work!! Of course it is generally my fault for not starting my essays early and leaving them to the last minute! I also suffered from the awful cold that has been going around… this took me out of YouTube and Blogging for two weeks, so for my frequent viewers and readers, I am very sorry! Luckily all of that time in bed and on the internet procrastinating and not doing my work led me to the likes of, beauty and and so the delivery man and I have now formed a friendship! Enjoy this pretty long read!! Continue reading

March Favourites

So this is my March Favourites video! I didn’t actually have much time to try new things during the month of March as I had two very significant people’s birthdays to plan for! However, I was able to really spend the time to go through some of the makeup that I hadn’t used for a while and try them out using techniques that I have learnt that could change how I use the product! Whilst quite a few of the products that I have been loving this month are brow products, there is a very good reason! I felt that I needed to venture out and change my brow routine (and as boring as this may sound to some, I actually had fun in doing so). Continue reading