Sleek Highlighting Palette: Solstice



Recently, I picked up this gorgeous highlighting palette by Sleek. I’ve fallen in love with highlighter by this point and every time I see something that catches my eye, I feel very inclined to purchase it! This one is called Solstice and consists of one cream highlight and three powders. 



I find Solstice to be the more unnatural of the two palettes. It consists of a gorgeous ethereal lilac colour that looks amazing on cheek bones! The packaging makes the product look so expensive as it is literally a gold toned mirror! Here are swatches of each shade of the palette!



Ecliptic is the only cream highlight of this palette! It’s a gorgeous champagny peach shade and as far as creams go, it is very buttery and very blendable!



Hemisphere is an incredible lilac with blue toned shimmer in it! I feel like this would be perfect for both pale and tanned skin tones and could also be used as an eyeshadow especially because of its almost duo chrome effect!

3 Subsolar


Subsolar is a yellow shimmer with a white shine to it that would be perfect for pale skin tones and amazing in both the corner of the eye as well as the brow bone! I personally would only use this on the real high points of my cheek as I find it slightly pale for my skin.



Equinox is a very summery shade that incorporates champagne, peach and hints of orange! This shade is perfect for those with darker skin tones as it comes up slightly dark on paler skin, however the white shimmer within this shade allows it to be flexible and look amazing all over the body!



As  you can see, the packaging is amazing! The mirrored effect is a theme throughout the line of different palettes and it really stands out in amongst the various dark palettes that I have in my draw. I also find with the mirror inside, the packaging dreams expensive! One thing I will say, as a mucky person, I do get fingerprints all over the outside of the palette and find myself incessantly wiping it clean!

If I am entirely honest, I don’t really use the cream shade… I find that I never really know how to use it or what to apply it with. I think I would use it on a day where I didn’t apply a base or any form of face makeup, but I don’t really see myself using it on top of foundation because I never know where it should fit in to my routine. The powders however are absolutely awesome! They give enough pigment to be super highlighted but not enough to actually make it look like there is a beam of lilac on your face! What I’m trying to say is that they are blendable!

Overall I love this palette and I think it is great value for money! I really suggest purchasing it if you want some rather different highlights to add to your collection!

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