Faux Suede Creeper Trainers

IMG_8973Before I start this post, I just want to share a link in which you can receive 15% off of your order from Pretty Little Thing: http://referme.to/50528fo
This link is an affiliate link so if you do not want to use it then I completely understand, but if you do, I appreciate it very much and so will your bank account for the 15% off!!!!!

This shoes literally caught my eye the second I saw them on Instagram! I first saw them in the blush pink colour (which I most certainly will purchase after purchasing this cool grey (more of a taupe) colour) and I literally went straight to the website to find them! As an indecisive person, I obviously couldn’t decide which colour to purchase! The colours they stock include:






Black with black


Blush Pink




Baby Blue



All of the colours, as you can see, have an almost wood colour creeper style sole that I honestly think adds a touch of class and sophistication to an otherwise pretty basic shoe. I also feel like this extra colour detail just makes the shoe look more modern as creepers were a clear trend of early 2014, brought back from the likes of The Spice Girls and before that, the 1950’s Teddy Boys and even as far back as the soldiers from World War 2 who wore their creepers on the desert sands of North Africa. This style of shoe clearly packs a historical punch, and this modern ‘trainer/sneaker’ twist really seems to fit perfectly into the ever changing folds of fashion!

They seemed way too big when I first pulled them out of the box, if I’m honest. I frantically checked whether they were the right size and upon confirmation of this, I was made aware that I must have, what I think, are big feet! I placed them on the ground next to my feet and much to my disapproval, in the words of Charles Perrault, and later, Disney, the shoe seemed to fit perfectly. What I’m trying to explain is, if you purchase these shoes, do not feel as though you are Big Foot when you first take them out of the box. You most certainly are not. These shoes just look cuter in a size 3UK (most probably what the model uses) than my size 6UK!

As far as comfort goes, these shoes are designed to look as flat and platformed as possible, however the innersole of the shoe does have a pre-shaped arch and dip in it, to effectively mould to your feet and not leave you feeling like you have wrapped bricks to your feet and are poorly attempting to clomp your way around. These shoes are perfectly comfortable and I recommend them for stylish shopping treks (trips) that you know you will walk your breakfast pancakes in but still want t0 look chic. The inner parts of the shoe do not follow the tough faux suede feel and are a cushy faux leather that feels uncannily like a leather couch. The tongue of the shoe follows the same material choice, meaning you aren’t held into your shoe by a rough stone feel but rather a durable light fabric.

To style these shoes appropriately, I have chosen none other than the notoriously teenage Topshop Joni Jeans in black to allow the shoes to be accented rather than ignored. I have paired these jeans with a plain white V- Neck t-shirt from H&M and added a gorgeous taupe grey faux suede biker jacket from Missguided that matches these shoes perfectly! I feel like this look embodies the awful transition that I know England is experiencing, between cold and warm. You can find links to all of the pieces of my look below, and don’t forget to use my link if you would like 15% off of your purchase from Pretty Little Thing. Thank you for reading!

(my link, type faux suede creepers to find shoes):

(The link to the shoes without 15% discount):

Joni Jeans:

T Shirt:


Ayesha x


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