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Hi everyone, and welcome to my May Favourites blog post! I always like to do a more in-depth version of my monthly favourites on my blog as I like to ramble a lot and my videos are long enough as it is without needing me to go into crazy detail! I also like to leave links to items as well as swatches which I can’t necessarily always do in my videos! I’ll get straight into this then!

May Favourites.jpg

White Roses Bell Jar

Rose Bell Jar.jpg

This gorgeous bell jar filled with white roses was made by moi! I was inspired by a very similar item on a website called Berrys and Grey (link below), however the item on their website actually costs £230 which, for me anyway, is FAR too much for a homeware item that isn’t a necessity! So, instead I decided to make my own after hunting down the jars from TK Maxx and flowers online! I’m going to be making another two very soon (one for the other side of my mirror on my desk and the other for my mum), I really can’t wait as I had so much fun making these! A subscriber commented on my video mentioning selling them as she really wants one! However the bell jar, or glass dome if you will, is the kind of item that I can’t just bulk buy as TK Maxx don’t stock the same thing all the time, and believe me, hunting down three was hard enough! This is probably one of my favourites because I made it, so I’m proud of it!! It stands at about 54cm tall so it really is noticeable on my desk and in the background of my videos, so having one either side of my huge mirror will no doubt be how I keep my desk for a very long time!

Find the (rather expensive) version of this item here:

Lipstick Holder – Tiger

Lipstick Holder.jpg

So as I’ve practically used all of the space on my desk with the one (soon to be two) rose bell jars, I needed to change how I stored some of my favourite lipsticks! I did use a lipstick holder that held 7 in a row, however this proved to be far too wide to fit next to the domes, so I went looking for smaller ones! I found these (I purchased two, one for each side of the desk) at Tiger, the awesome store that is basically mini Ikea! They were £3 each and fit perfectly on my desk, storing 9 lipsticks each! They also store them all at the same level, which I prefer rather than some being taller than others. I use one to store my most beloved liquid lipsticks, the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks and the other to store my Mac lipsticks as well as two Jeffree Star ones that don’t fit in the other one (these two will be mentioned further down in this post). As far as displaying lipstick goes, I think that I enjoy looking at makeup too much to not have any displayed on my desk, but the small and compact compartments of this holder in particular means I’m not taking up too much valuable space with makeup!

L’oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

loreal foundation.jpgfoundation open.jpg

This foundation has changed the game for me! For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I LOVE full coverage foundations. It’s almost as if I want my face to look nothing like my face sometimes! Recently, however, I have been liking a more effortless look! I usually don’t leave the house without doing some elaborate makeup look, but going to the gym has taught me to be more confident in my own skin, and this foundation really allows me to follow that through! It has a light to medium coverage and a soft dewy finish and really just looks like my skin but better! It applies incredibly easy and I find myself being able to go out to the shops per se with just five minutes worth of makeup application comfortably! Whilst I will never stop with the elaborate looks, this foundation has really helped me enjoy my own skin too!

Find the L’oreal Cushion Foundation here:

L’oreal Cushion De Soleil Bronzer

loreal bronzer.jpg

This liquid cushion bronzer was brought out in the same range of the cushion foundations! I absolutely adore this! This is the first liquid bronzer that I have ever used and I am very impressed! I generally use this product with a large duo fibre stippling brush as it really applies the product naturally. L’oreal only brought out one shade of this bronzer but I really feel it would suit all skin tones without being too orangey looking. I really recommend this bronzer for anyone who wants an easy and effortless application.

Find the L’oreal Cushion Bronzer here:

Benefit High Beam

benefit high beam.jpg

So this is also the first liquid highlight I’ve ever used! I think that this easy makeup routine that I’ve been trying works so much better with liquid products as they are easy to blend! Whilst High Beam by Benefit isn’t necessarily a very new product, I only purchased it recently and absolutely love it (a little late to the party here guys!). Nonetheless, even if I buy an ancient product, I’ll always tell you guys my opinion on it as chances are, someone has never heard of it! High beam is a perfect liquid illuminator/highlighter in my opinion! Whilst I have nothing to compare it with, it gets the job done! Whilst I have mentioned this in my favourites (and believe me, it is a favourite), I will say that I have trouble with it if I don’t blend it straight away as it kind of picks up the foundation underneath if I leave it too long on my face. Regardless, this product will continue to be something I use on a regular basis!

Find Benefit High Beam here:

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines

benefit hoola.jpg

This product has really changed things for me! However, whilst this post is about my favourites, I have actually written a separate review of this product for a different blog post! So here is the link to that post: Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines: Review

Find Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines here:

Huda Beauty Lashes: Samantha #7

huda lashes.jpg

So I have mentioned in several videos that recently I have joined the false lashes game, and believe me, these lashes are a game changer! My wonderful mum brought me back a pair of the Huda Beauty Lashes in number 7: Samantha from her trip to Dubai (of which I am incredibly jealous of for your information). These lashes are my life! I absolutely love them (I feel like I say that a lot). I will, very soon, be doing a dramatic makeup tutorial on my youtube channel featuring these lashes in particular, as I think that they are so pretty, they deserve their own video and makeup look!

Find the Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes here:

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: Scorpio

jeffree scorpio.jpgAs I have mentioned in practically every single video I have ever made, the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are my absolute favourites… ever! So I figured I’d get a few shades that are a tad out of my comfort zone, and I love them! Scorpio is that perfect Barbie purple that the more tanned Barbies wore, and when I wear it, I feel like that Barbie! Due to my skin tone and dark hair, this colour (in my opinion) suits me very much! I am looking forward to creating some dark and maybe some alien looking makeup looks with this lipstick in particular as purple is one of my favourite colours! I really recommend this shade for people who want to try a slightly unconventional lipstick colour without being too ‘out there’, as I would quite comfortably wear this shade around in public!

Find Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio here:

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: Drug Lord

jeffree drug lord.jpgWell, this shade is a tad more unconventional 😀 however, as I mention in my video, I won’t actually use this shade on it’s own! This is Drug Lord… and it’s pure white! I use this shade to lighten my other lipsticks as well as for a gorgeous ombré lip, when I’m in a mixing mood! Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in a lab somewhere, custom making my own shades of lipsticks, and where better to start than to lighten some of your favourite shades and make your own line of nudes? I really think that this is perfect for people who want to experiment with their makeup, plus, as it’s my absolute favourite holiday, Halloween is constantly on my mind!

Find Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Drug Lord here:

Thank you so much for reading through this incredibly long blog post! I hope you enjoyed a more in depth version of my YouTube video and please don’t forget to share with people who may enjoy this too!!!

Ayesha x


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