Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines: Review

benefit hoolaSo… I have recently tried my first tanning product!!!! As I am already pretty tanned, I needed to make sure that the product that I used wasn’t one that would drastically change my skin tone! Plus I kind of just wanted to look more bronzed for the summer rather than darker, if that makes any sense? Keeping all of this in mind, I am also INCREDIBLY lazy, and needed the product to take this into account! I mean you’re basically looking at someone who doesn’t use skincare… and hates ‘pampering’ herself…. so fuss-free is always a bonus for me! This product actually fit my needs! 
This is the Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines all over body tan, and I fricken love it! This product literally works on all skin tones, and can be layered to create a more tanned effect. On the plus side, you also don’t have to wash this off or worry about it rubbing onto clothes, as you literally apply it and you’re done! I generally use this product when I know that people can see my pasty white legs that don’t even match the rest of my body (I know that sounds super stupid, but unfortunately for me, it is true).

Firstly, I’d just like everyone to stop reading for a moment and take a look at that packaging!!!! I mean, it has a fricken hoola skirt! I love the look of this product because whilst it looks very different from the boxed Hoola Bronzer, it still keeps aspects of it, showing how Benefit can evolve when bringing out products! The palm tree and pineapple feel really does scream summer to me, and I think that Benefit have really got this one in the bag! As well as what the packaging looks like, the size of it really does impress me. It’s not necessarily bigger than a regular tanning product, but for some reason when makeup brand bring things out that are big, I take more note of it, as I’m used to the tiny little products that usually come out of brands!

hoola sponge.jpgThe main reason I love this product is it’s ease of use! You pull off the cap and find a sponge applicator ad twist off the rest of the cap to find the product. Using this sponge is SO much easier than using a mitt, and I find that I don’t get streaks at all with this method of application! Whilst I’ve never really used other tanning products, part of the reason was due to me generally not knowing how to use them, or just how ‘bronzed’ I would turn out! In all honestly, I think I’m attracted to the subtlety of this product and will continue to use it as I am incredibly impressed with it!

As well as how easy it is to generally apply, I also have to mention that it lasts for as long as it claims, twelve hours! As well as this, I didn’t even notice that it had faded as I didn’t have any weird patchy marks on me throughout it fading. I also find that absolutely none of it rubbed off on any of my clothes or bedding, which is a huge plus for me!

Overall, I really think that this product is worth purchasing! Especially if you want a soft bronzed look that builds effortlessly! Here’s where you can purchase the Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines Bronzer:

Ayesha x

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