March Favourites

So this is my March Favourites video! I didn’t actually have much time to try new things during the month of March as I had two very significant people’s birthdays to plan for! However, I was able to really spend the time to go through some of the makeup that I hadn’t used for a while and try them out using techniques that I have learnt that could change how I use the product! Whilst quite a few of the products that I have been loving this month are brow products, there is a very good reason! I felt that I needed to venture out and change my brow routine (and as boring as this may sound to some, I actually had fun in doing so).


Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Spray

aussie miracle recharge.jpgThis is the product that I have been using to liven up my hair! A couple of friends have noticed that my hair just looks more alive than usual and it is partly thanks to this product! It is a leave in conditioner that helps to retain the moisture in my hair, and I think that this is finally what I needed! I’ve been naturally drying my hair over night recently, using a t shirt made completely from modal ( a semi- synthetic material used in household fabrics such as towels and underwear) which is very sensitive and feels like a satin based shirt. I used this shirt because the satin feel helps to keep the natural oils in my hair and the parts of the fabric that aren’t satin feeling help to dry the hair at the same time… Whilst this is slightly irrelevant to the product, there is a reason why I mentioned it! I have been spraying the moisture spray in my hair whilst it’s still damp and combing my hair to make it as straight as I can before putting the t shirt on my head… This way I don’t wake up with permanent bed hair that has dried with kinks in it and I have soft curls at the ends of my hair… It looks SO much better than the dry mess that my hair used to be! So I recommend this routine for those of you trying to make your hair more alive!

Find this Miracle Recharge Spray here:

Satin Hair Scrunchy

satin scrunchy.jpgKeeping with the hair care side of things, this satin scrunchy has been a life saver! As I have quite long hair, I feel the need to tie it up on a regular basis… those of you who have long hair (or have in the past) can understand how annoying it can actually be to keep it off of your face and out of your eyes, mouth and other areas that provide constant annoyance! My one problem with tying my hair up….. THE KINK! I hate that kink about 50 times more than I hate my hair in my face… That kink is literally a destroyer of souls and this satin hair band has been my solution!!! IT DOESN’T FRICKEN KINK!!!!! How did I not know this? I’ve had it for the best part of 15 years as my mum used to use cool hair things in my hair everyday for school! Somehow it has stayed with me despite me not using it since and then one day I just found it and voila… no kink!! So… BUY ONE!

Find the Satin Hair Scrunchies here:


Browtician Slant Tweezers

browtician tweezersAs far as tweezers go… these are pretty high on the scale of ‘does it actually remove my brow hair?’.. These tweezers by Browtician (an up and coming tweezer brand sold in Superdrug) are pretty much life. Never have I ever used tweezers that grabbed my hair this well and the thinness of the tip of them allows for even those annoying as hell baby hairs that grow just for a challenge to be removed! Another thing…. the box! These tweezers literally come with their own case so you can’t exactly lose them like every other pair you (or I) have lost throughout the years and they are also reasonably big which means they don’t get lost in your hands.. If you’re looking for a new set of tweezers, either look down the side of the couch (where mine have gone sometimes) or get these!!

Find the Browtician Slant Tweezers here:

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner: Perversion

urban decay linerSo here’s a product that everyone and their dog have tried and yep, you guessed it, Ayesha has only just found out how great it is! I’ve actually had this eyeliner for the best part of a year and I even have it in silver, gold and purple, but for some reason I just didn’t feel drawn to it… Maybe it’s because I’ve been after that perfect wing (which you sadly can’t achieve with this liner unless you’re a wizard) but I just didn’t feel like I needed a pencil liner until I gave up on the wing game completely. I am literally convinced that my eyes just aren’t shaped right for a wing… and I guess that’s fine (it really isn’t). Any how, I have recently been doing a more rounded liner that curls with my eye, which I find makes them look so much better, and this liner has literally been PERFECT! I think that this is the perfect liner to tight line and water line with as well as it doesn’t budge and is so easy to blend out if you want to!

Find this Urban Decay Eye Liner here:

Maybelline Brow Duo

brow satin closed.jpgbrow satin opened“OH MY GOODNESS! IS THAT A BROW PENCIL WITHOUT A SPOOLY?”…… YEP!
This brow product stands out to me as I haven’t seen anything like it.. Like most brow pencils, Maybelline have done the usual and expected twist up brow pencil (which we all secretly really want).. but it’s what’s on the other end that catches my eye! No spooly (thank god because I have accumulated quite a few), it has a brow powder in a smudging sponge (much like the ones on the Rimmel eyeliners)! It works so well! The powder sets everything down and also fills in the areas that you really didn’t (or can’t be bothered) to get! One thing I will say though, the twist up pencil could probably be slightly thinner… as I find it a bit harder to do precision work on the edges and end of my brows, but thankfully not so much that it is unmanageable! I really do love this brow products and I am really glad that I have switched things up a bit!

Find the Maybelline Brow Duo here:


L’Oréal Brow Plumper

plumper.jpgSticking with brows, I mentioned in a previous video and post that I have been looking for something that will really actually stick down my long brows, and finally I have found something! A lovely subscriber told me about this brow plumper by L’Oréal, and I am so glad that they did! This thing is literally a better version of what I was using before, by a long way… Everything about this one is better! The formula, the brush, even the packaging! (have you noticed that every single brow product has black packaging? Well this one stands out a lot more in my draw). This literally sticks my brows down and not in a gross way either.. and it also gives my brows more life by plumping them and making them look more 3D if that makes any sense? Anyway, try this for flyaway brows!

Find this L’Oréal Brow Plumper here:

Bare Minerals Liner Shadow – Onyx

onyxSo this is a weird thing that I have had for a while but never really used…. this is a slightly gimmick style product that people could argue is unnecessary.. but it’s actually really good! This a basically a matte black pigment shadow that I use to set my eyeliner (a bit excessive but Mario Dedivanovic does it on Kim Kardashian so why don’t I?)… It actually works really well as a liner on its own as well as a blend-able liner for those artists in us who want to experiment when we have 3 hours to spare. So if you have loads of free time or you’re actually really efficient with your makeup then give this product a go, I certainly love it!

Find the Bare Minerals Liner Shadow here:


Kiko Milano Colour Fever Quad – 101

kiko quadFor those of you who read my blog or watch my videos, you will know that I picked up this awesome product in Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre and wrote about it in a haul blog post and did a video about those products… you can find that here:  What I Bought at Westfield

Whilst I did write quite an in-depth review of this product on that post, I just have to add that it literally gets better each time I use it!

Find this Kiko Quad here:


I hope that you enjoyed this March Favourites post and the corresponding video and I will talk to you in my next blog post!!!

Thank you for reading

Ayesha x



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