Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lips


So this is my Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatch video!! As long winded as that title was… it’s pretty informative!! Despite practically ripping off my lips during the making of this video, I did actually have fun filming it! It was a bit of a challenge as each time I’d remove a lipstick, I would have to re-do my makeup around my mouth… oh and combatted with the fact that I felt under pressure to do the lipstick justice in front of the camera! I think I nailed it though!

Colour Pop are an American brand that do not yet ship to the UK 😦 However through the wonderful company Borderlinx, I was able to ship a tonne of Colour Pop over to the UK! Borderlinx are basically a middle-man between companies and yourself and can even act as a concierge. They provide you with an address in the US (as well as a German and Hong Kong address) and you can ship your products to the address that they provided.. they then notify you that they have received it and allow you to release the package by paying them shipping fees! This may sound long winded to a lot of you but I NEEDED Colour Pop’s product and was not willing to wait until they had started selling to UK customers (or willing to pay eBay prices for a lipstick!)
Here is a link to Borderlinx:
It really isn’t hard so give it a go! You also get money off of your first shipment I think!

Back to Colour Pop! Colour Pop have been one of those brands that I low key stalked on social media for years! I literally needed their products and was so happy when I finally got them in the post! I got 10 Liquid Lipsticks, 10 Lippie Stix, 6 Lip Pencils and 6 Single Eyeshadows and in the video (see above), I swatched the Liquid Lipsticks! I have also done a swatch video for the Lippie Stix but that is for another post!



01KapowCloseSo I mentioned in the video that this was the lightest colour…. it is clearly not!! I actually had said that prior to trying the lipstick and then I realised that it is a crazy grey toned purple colour!! I like it all the same… It is a colour that I will definitely be keeping for autumn and winter or wearing at night as I think that it is a little too dark for the hopefully bright months that we will be having soon! If I could re-name this colour, I would probably call it Grunge!! I think that this deep toned colour is literally something that the old me would have loved as well as me now (old me is referring to the emo kid that I once was).



02TrapCloseThis is Trap, the actual lightest shade from the selection that I got! It is a very light pink but only just dark enough to not look too light on me! I think that the colour of my lips helps this colour to darken up a bit too, as I have quite pink lips naturally. Trap is that perfect blush pink shade that looks great with a slightly darker lip liner around the lips for extra definition! I also use this shade for ombré lips (when I can get them right) in the centre of my lips!



03BeeperCloseBeeper is one of those shades that is in what I like to call the Kylie Jenner lip shade bracket… This is one of my favourite shades as I love those pinky mauve colours especially when they are matte! I think that this is a perfect Spring shade and it is definitely a colour that I will wear on a day to day basis.


04Bumble.jpg04BumbleCloseI personally do not think that Bumble suits me very much… I think that it is a shade just too coral for my skin tone.. I’m naturally tanned and would describe myself as sand beige (stupid right?) so the coral is a tad too vibrant for my yellow skin! For those of you lucky enough to pull this colour off.. then this is literally the perfect shade for Spring and Summer!!! It is the kind of shade that you wear as a pop of colour with a black bikini or going out for brunch… I dunno I just think that a girl lucky enough to pull of this colour should wear it daily haha!

Teeny Tiny

05TeenyTiny.jpg05TeenyTinyCloseThis shade is honestly one of my absolute favourite lip shades ever!!! It is like they mixed together the perfect pinky nude shade with a gorgeous autumnal berry toned red and this was the baby that came out in the factory! This is gorgeous and I think it would suit so many skin tones as well as a multitude of different makeup looks! This shade is a slightly deeper more purple version of Beeper.. so what’s not to love right?

Sting Raye

06StingRaye06StingRayeCloseThis is my favourite shade of Colour Pop Lipsticks….. Full stop… This liquid lipstick was actually a collaboration with the beautiful Its my Raye Raye. She literally developed the colour that I would have picked if I was ever asked to make a lipstick! So because of that, I can actually say that this is my favourite!


07Tulle.jpg07TulleCloseTulle is a very sought after shade from Colour Pop! I think it is because there is nothing like it… it is a slightly red nude shade that is not too red and just dark enough to be pink in some ways too! I think that Tulle is stunning and is perfect for people like me who literally cannot get away with a bright red lip!!!

Chilly Chilli

08ChillyChilli.jpg08ChillyChilliCloseThis shade is a weird one for me! I freaked out when I first tried it as I thought it was going to be a bit too orange.. but it then dried a lot darker than what I initially had thought! Maybe it oxidised or maybe I’m crazy, but I still think that it is gorgeous!


09Limbo.jpg09LimboCloseLimbo was perfect for autumn!! I wore it so many times during the season as it is one of those brown red shades that is just on point… I can’t even explain this colour without using the words dry blood….. Gross, I know, but that is literally the first thing that I thought of when I first put it on… and I owned my dry blood lips regularly! A must for someone who wants to vamp things up a bit of just be more daring!



10LAX.jpg10LAXCloseThis is a shade that sadly people have had a few problems with! A few people have found this colour to be patchy during application but luckily mine was fine! Maybe they got a bad batch or something? This is a deep red shade with brown hints but far less brown than Limbo. For those of you aware of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this is a great dupe for Unicorn Blood. It is the perfect vampire shade and is a great deep red without too much berry tone!


The Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks were a delight! I’m so happy that I went through all of the trouble getting them over here and I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the near future! The formula is immense and they really are very matte! Whilst they are slightly drying, which I don’t mind too much, I find that they literally last all day!

Thank you for reading!

Ayesha x


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