Spring Lookbook

So this is my Spring Lookbook!!! This video was so fun to film (and also very cold…) and I am so happy with how it all turned out! I featured four looks that I thought would be perfect for Spring and I would like to go more in depth into each look and attach links to whatever I can find online for everyone!!

Look One

pic4Whilst this is a very plain look… I think that this is a perfect style choice that can be jazzed up or left on it’s own!! This is the basic striped top tucked into denim jeans look… a timeless outfit that looks flattering on whoever wears it!! I think that this would look perfect with some designer court shoes or some form of heel to make things more exciting and a blazer coat draped over the shoulders for that extra high fashion look!

The top was from Primark’s basics range and cost around £4 which I think is wonderful considering it is a staple piece! As Primark doesn’t have a website, I obviously can’t find a link to this specific top.. but here’s one that I found on Boden: http://goo.gl/5i5SG2

The Jeans were from New Look.. Whilst you can’t see in this picture, they have a couple of rips in them which have actually occurred as they were distressed and I have worn them so much that the small rips have turned into holes! I however think that this adds to them!! They look like they have more natural distress rather than the artificial slits that they previously had when I bought them! I can’t find a link to these specific jeans but here are some like them without the holes: http://goo.gl/aOPVZi

Not shown in this picture is the pair of boots that I was wearing! They are plain black lace up military boots from New Look and I they are my favourite boots in the whole wide world!!! Here are some like them: http://goo.gl/98dTf8


Look Two

Look 2.jpgSo this look is a far more smart Spring outfit! This is the only way that I personally would style a wrap/cross top like this as I find that when I style it in different ways, it’s a more older refined look. So I style this top with a blazer as it adds a level of elegance and confidence at the same time! I really love this look and will wear it to meetings and events that require a more smart look for definite!

The top is from New Look and I mentioned it in my recent Haul video! It was in their sale for £6 and I am in love with the colour so I had to grab it!! Here is a link to it: http://goo.gl/w4knPH

The jeans are plain black Joni Jeans from Topshop! These are my favourite Jeans and whilst they are slightly faded now, it took a long time and a whole lot of washes for them to get to this point! I can’t recommend these jeans enough.. I literally wear them everywhere (seriously.. I do) and I am definitely getting them in different colours as they are super comfortable and high waisted which I find suits me so much! Here is a link to the Joni Jeans: http://goo.gl/ezuEwU

The blazer is from New Look and is just a plain black blazer with rolled up sleeves (they can roll down too).. I think that it adds a level of sophistication to every look and it is a staple of my wardrobe that I will cherish forever! Here is a link to the blazer (or one almost exactly the same) : http://goo.gl/y3tnnZ

These are the boots that are from the first look! (Here’s the link again.. I hate scrolling too): http://goo.gl/98dTf8


Look Three

Look 3This look is one of my favourite everyday type of looks! I finally found the perfect match for this hard to style pink dress and I will definitely be wearing this look more often!! I really went out of my comfort zone with this skirt (I know it’s plain but i usually go for skater skirts due to my ‘hip dip’) and I am so glad that I took the plunge and went for something that I am now SO in love with!

The top is from New Look and is one of many that I have in different colours! Grey is such an underrated colour for me.. I think that grey is the new black and it looks so good with this pale pink! This top is so flattering and there are several colours (I’ve collected them all!!!) and I think that they are so versatile!
Here is a link to the top: http://goo.gl/RqqCrG

Now on to the best part.. the skirt! It is also from New Look and guess what… they have different colours!!! (I have to buy every colour of everything I like.. which is dumb I know.. I just like having options!) It has pocket details on each side and is faux leather! It is a mini skirt (which is why it is out of my comfort zone a little) but I think that the silhouette that it makes is perfect and hides the dip between my hips and legs that I hate so very much!
Here is a link to the gorgeous skirt: http://goo.gl/xuG3dz

The gorgeous trench coat that I am holding is from Topshop and is my favourite piece from my wardrobe! It was a present and I save it for my best looks because it means so much to me! It’s a plain beige trench coat (without a tie) and is reminiscent of the Burberry style!
Here’s a link to the closest one that I could find: http://goo.gl/tdIXL7

I know.. the boots are the same! Problem is.. I forgot like two pairs of shoes when we left for filming and home was too far away so I had to make do with what I had! They work though… right?
Here’s a link to one’s like them if you haven’t already clicked on the 50 links from before! http://goo.gl/98dTf8


Look Four

Look 4.jpgThis is my FAVOURITE look both from this video and in general life believe it or not! This is the kind of look that I never used to be confident enough to wear! I didn’t think that things like this would suit me and my recent gain in confidence (and a 50% off code from Missguided) finally made me make the plunge! I am so happy with how I look in this picture and I am really proud of myself for buying what I really wanted to wear and finally having the confidence to go out in it! The man in the background walking his dog is the only thing that I don’t like about this picture (how annoying right?) but that’s the first time I have not had a problem with how I look so this look has empowered me!

The bodysuit is from Missguided.. Whilst you obviously can’t tell that it’s a bodysuit.. I find that it is far more helpful to wear as you don’t see seams and creases through the skirt. It is actually short sleeved and I think that it looks great with this skirt!!
Here is a link to the bodysuit: https://goo.gl/CwLq2z

I actually ordered this skirt in both khaki and blush pink and wanted to wear them both for the video but ya know.. variety and all that! Like the bodysuit, the skirt is from Missguided and I think that the whole look is incredibly Kardashian! The skirt is a faux suede midi skirt… I used to hate midi skirts!!! I think that this skirt is super flattering and sits perfectly with the bodysuit!
Here is the link to the skirt: https://goo.gl/6prcdu

The coat is from Primark and is basically a plain black midi length coat! I wear this coat everywhere as it matches with everything (obviously) and whilst it isn’t very daring at all, I think that it’s exactly what I need to finish each look!
Here is a link to a plain black coat.. it’s the closest one that I could find! http://goo.gl/lS5Gr5


That concludes this post!! I hope that you had the chance to check out my video and congrats if you read this whole post!!! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!!!

Ayesha x




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