What I Bought at Westfield

So, recently I visited a wonderful shopping centre in London, Westfield Stratford. Westfield has two huge shopping centres in London, one in White City, Hammersmith and the other in Stratford City (this one is much closer to where I am). I find the whole atmosphere of Westfield mesmerising as I didn’t visit huge shopping centres like it when I was younger!
Here’s the video of my Haul up on my YouTube Channel, and I will go more in depth with each item in this post!

Mac Lipstick: Mehr

Mac MehrI have honestly been after Mehr for months! This gorgeous matte lipstick is everything I want at the moment… pink, matte, pretty… I feel like pink is all I want to wear after having a hatred for the colour for the majority of my teen years, I recently have grown to love it, and as far as pink goes, Mehr has it down pretty darn well!
I find Mac’s lipsticks to be incredibly pigmented, and as my lips are naturally rather pink, this lipstick in particular looks like a better version of my lips! I’ve been very adventurous with my lip colours over autumn and winter and now that spring is round the corner, I’m planning on toning down some of the deep berry, plum and brown tones and looking more towards peach, pink and generally nudes.. and who knows, maybe I’ll even wear lipgloss!

Find Mehr here: http://goo.gl/ycmjEC


Kiko Milano: Water Eyeshadow 208 Light Gold

Kiko 208Whilst this wasn’t my first ever visit to the Kiko store, it was my first ever time purchasing a Kiko product! I have been searching high and low for this eye shadow for over a year and gave up trying after checking their website weekly for over 3 months! The reason I have wanted this eye shadow in particular, some of you may know… I’m going to tell you a story…… Once upon a time, a long, long while ago, Mac released a highlighter called Whisper of Gilt… and this highlighter broke the internet long before Kim Kardashian did! Whisper of Gilt was a gorgeous white/golden shimmer and soon became the cult favourite, selling out in every Mac store across the world! Mac tried their hardest but this highlighter tipped the balance of supply and demand and it just looked like they gave up! Then, low and behold, Kiko Milano release their Water Eyeshadow range and one of the very lucky people to get Whisper of Gilt before it was too late purchased Kiko’s water eye shadow in 208… and one day, she had them sitting next to each other on her desk… and realised that they were EXACTLY THE SAME! then went online and told the world about it as you do… THE END!

So my friends, that it why I have been after this eye shadow! All because I don’t want to pay £200 on eBay for a highlighter (for obvious reasons)! So get it while you can!

Find Kiko 208 here: http://goo.gl/Ja6vsJ


Kiko Milano: Infinity Eyeshadow 270 Pearly Fern Green

kiko 270 KhakiKhaki is one of those colours that make my brown eyes POP! Whilst Kiko called this a Fern Green, I personally feel that it is more of a khaki green and that is precisely why I picked it up! Kiko have what they call a CLICS system, which allows you to basically build your own eyeshadow palette using singles much like these and their own CLICS Empty Palettes. Whilst I didn’t pick up an empty palette (I know.. pretty dumb right? I think I just got all flustered with all the makeup around me), I did pick up a few of these single eyeshadows as they were on sale for £2.80 each! Luckily, these have a lid and aren’t just a pan in some casing, which has done wonders for my drawers as they aren’t ruined! The colour payoff with this shadow is remarkable and I think that it compliments both gold and brown shades.

Find 270 Pearly Fern Green here: http://goo.gl/w45rUw


Kiko Milano: Infinity Eyeshadow 249 Pearly Violet

kiko purpleAs well as greens, I find that purples look wonderful with my eyes. This vibrant blue toned purple looks gorgeous on my lids smoked out with black. I think that it also looks wonderful with a champagne highlight on the inner corners and brow bone. I think that it’s hard to find a good purple that doesn’t look too black on my lids, but this vibrant purple is honestly perfect!

Find 249 Pearly Violet here: http://goo.gl/kAjw8n


Kiko Milano: Infinity Eyeshadow 269 Pearly Dark Slate Green

kiko slate green.jpgI picked up this slate green colour as I’d never really seen a shade like it! Its a deep teal colour with specks of pearl and purple glitter in it, making it incredibly unique. The colour looks very dark on my eyes but has that greeny blue tint coming through so it looks perfect with lighter more elf greens.

Find 269 Pearly Dark Slate Green here: http://goo.gl/iiNZwN


Kiko Milano: Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101 Coral Burgundy

kiko quadThis is genuinely, without a doubt, the best eyeshadow quad I own! I have been looking for deep burgundy and pink shades for so long and have actually come across them in quad form!!! I cannot recommend this enough! All colours are perfectly pigmented and look perfect on their own and with each other, creating a gorgeous blended look with pink and burgundy! I absolutely love this eyeshadow quad and they have more like them (which I will be picking up for obvious reasons!)

Find 101 Coral Burgundy here: http://goo.gl/neBHtG


New Look: Pink Chiffon Cross Over Blouse

Pink BlouseThis gorgeous pink blouse was in New Look’s sale for £6!!! It’s my favourite colour at the moment as I find pink suits my skin tone and dark hair so much! As I mentioned in my video, I recently got a white cotton version of this top from Topshop and featured it in My OOTD: Smart/Casual video. I absolutely love the style of this shirt as its so easy to throw on and is so simple yet chic. I just think that the blouse has an effortless feel about it and that’s something that I’ve really been going for!

Find this Pink Blouse here: http://goo.gl/w4knPH


New Look: Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Top

Dark TurtleneckIn my video, I showed a lighter pale blue version of this top (also from New Look), but to be completely honest… I picked up 5 of them in different colours! They were all in the sale for £3-£5 and I absolutely LOVE these tops (I have one in every colour now) so I thought I’d pick up all of the ones that I hadn’t bought yet as they were so cheap! The reason that I am showing this dark blue one at the moment however, is because they have sold out of the pale blue one online and I wanted to show you one that they actually have in stock at the moment! If you ever meet me in person, 9 out of 10 times I will be wearing a top just like this in a random colour tucked into Topshop Joni Jeans! I just love them tucked in! They literally are SO flattering and I just can’t get enough of them!

Find this Blue Turtleneck here: http://goo.gl/h7sXDf


New Look: Pink Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Pink SkirtThis pink faux leather skirt is literally the best thing that I have EVER bought in New Look!! It’s a faux leather mini skirt that has pocket details on both sides and probably clashes with the blue top I’m wearing it with but WHO CARES! This skirt is true to size so don’t worry about it coming up too big or small as it isn’t elasticated. They also have it in different colours.. and as you’re already aware… I love buying things in every colour possible!

Find this Pink Mini Skirt here: http://goo.gl/xuG3dz


Forever 21: Contrast Trim T-shirt 

forevr21 teeSo as far as plain t-shirts go.. this one is pretty nice! I’m not really one for patterns or florals and tend to stay away from clothes that I can’t style so this plain t-shirt suits me just right! Whilst the picture makes the contrasting trim look red, it is actually a deep burnt orange!

Find this Plain Contrast T-shirt here: http://goo.gl/kzzXOL



Forever 21: Burgundy Chiffon Sweater

Chiffon Jumper.jpgThis jumper is pretty plain but I think that it’s perfect for the awkward transition between Winter and Spring, where you want to start wearing spring clothes but you’re still freezing! This may look like a normal sweater but it’s actually made of thick chiffon fabric and literally just sits as it is. I just thought that this is a perfect staple for those days where I really have no idea what to wear!



Forever 21: Bodycon Bell Sleeve Dress

vampire slayin dressSo I’m not sure why but i think I was trying to channel my inner vampire when I bought this dress…. I haven’t actually got anything else with bell sleeves as I didn’t entirely understand them but I took the plunge with this dress! It was in the sale which explains the autumnal colour and halloween like style but I think I can make this dress work for another month or two! Whilst it’s slightly sunny in England, it’s still freezing! This dress is also pretty thick so it will keep me warm for the freezing weather!



Topshop: Pink Tunic Dress

pink dress.jpgSo as I mentioned in my video, I have been after this dress for a very long time! At the beginning of autumn last year, I went into my local Topshop and couldn’t decide on these dresses! So after several weeks of thinking about them (they have like 50 colours), I finally decided to go and buy the two that I wanted and guess what? They were GONE! Vanished.. Disappeared! I hadn’t seen them since! However.. the dresses are starting to creep back in the sale!!! So I picked up this pink one! They literally just hang and it’s really flattering especially after the Christmas weight (I know it’s March.. but I still have it).

Find this Pink Tunic Dress here: http://goo.gl/ZSIYTG


H&M Leather Bodycon Dress

h&m Dress.jpgSo it took me a while to squeeze into this dress! This is my goal dress.. It just about fits me now but it wan’t the most comfortable! However.. this dress it hot!! The leather adds a really nice touch and it’s panelled… channelling Balmain vibes (quite fitting after the H&M x Balmain range).. unlike the dresses in that range however, this dress was only £30 and I think that it looks far more expensive than that!! This dress is a real main attraction type dress so I will be saving it for something special!


Thank you so much for reading and please be sure to check out my video for a more light hearted approach to what I got at Westfield!

Ayesha x






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