Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01

Viseart Palette

From Left to Right: Cannelle, Beige, Sable, Ivoire, Chocolat, Brique, Taupe, Café, Charbon, Souris, Cendre and Tabac

So this is the Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01… and I am IN LOVE with it!

Viseart are a French makeup brand that are well known by professional makeup artists both in France and around the world. The way that Viseart have branded themselves is really admirable and they pride themselves in their quality and passion for healthy products that are good for the user. I find that Viseart’s eyeshadows are incredibly buttery and soft and they honestly blend like a dream. I have never had any issues with their eyeshadows as their pigment, blendability and colours are impeccable! The main thing that draws me to this palette in particular is how I use it. I find that this palette is the sort of base palette that any makeup artist/ lover needs as it creates the base of any eyeshadow look, day time, night time, natural or smoky, this palette’s shadows sit perfectly behind the scenes and help to intensify and create a perfect colour story.
Another thing that I adore about this palette is the fact that they are all matte. Matte shades are perfect for me as I really enjoy playing with different layers underneath shimmers to intensify them and twist them to how I want them, so this palette is perfect for me!
One thing that intrigues me about Viseart is the way that they have designed their palettes as a multi-use tool. This palette can be used both wet and dry and works perfectly as eyeshadow, brow definer and even contour! Wetting these shades intensifies the pigment and I find that the multiple brown shades in the perfect allow me to create perfect slightly ombré brows. These brown shades also allow me to contour my face with both warm tones and grey tones, allowing the perfect shadow look in the contours of my face!

viseart 1


This first colour, Cannelle, is a very peachy nude tone that looks wonderful blended between transition shades and brow bone highlights. It’s a very warm shade and I sometimes use it as a transition shade when I do cut crease looks as it really stands out.


viseart2This second shade, appropriately called Beige, is a slightly peachier version of my skin tone! Whilst my swatch may look like the shade isn’t pigmented, I can honestly say that it is simply because it is so close to my natural skin tone! As it is such a close match, I use it to clean up any small errors I make so often. I sometimes use it on top of a concealer that I use to cover up a botched eyeliner wing… and once when I was in a huge rush and sneezed with wet mascara, I used this on a small precise brush to cover up my awful under eye mascara pandemonium (I know, it’s stupid)!


viseart3Like the previous shade, this colour is a very close match to my skintone, but is just slightly more pale. This shade is called Sable. Sometimes I use this colour as an incredibly soft brow bone highlight, usually when I’m doing ‘no makeup makeup looks’. This colour once again works as a perfect coverup shade and as I make so many mistakes when doing my makeup, I am very appreciative of it!



viseart4The fourth shade is a rare find in any eye shadow palette, and because of that, I adore it! This shade is a complete matte white! Oh, and it’s NOT chalky!!! It is called Ivoire, similar to ivory which is absolute white. This colour is so pigmented and is the only matte white shade in my collection that I use. It’s shades like this that separate good palettes from amazing ones! I used this so often as it is very unique yet also very plain, and because I am slightly tanned, it adds a real brightening effect to my eyes when I incorporate it in looks. As the palette boasts the amazing ability to be used wet as well, sometimes I wet this shade and use it as a waterline liner to make me look far more awake than I actually am!



viseart5This next colour is called Chocolat, and quite rightfully so! It literally looks like the colour of chocolate! This shade is the darkest of all of the browns in this palette and I think that it is delightful! This colour has so much to offer to me as it acts not only as an eyeshadow but also as a brow product. I wet my wing liner brush and dip it into this shade to use it to fill in the sparse areas of my eye brows. As Viseart’s shadows legitimately do not budge and have the ability to stay for like, 2 days (I forgot to remove my brow products one night and woke up with flawless brows none the less), I think that this shade raises this palette’s brownie points (well for me anyway) by a lot.




viseart6This shade alone is honestly what drew me to this palette in the first place! Appropriately called Brique, this colour is literally a brick orangey red, and I think that it is stunning! This colour is one of the most pigmented shades that I have ever set my eyes on and it is such a unique colour, especially for eyeshadow! I feel like there is a gap in the makeup industry for these brick/terracotta shades, both for eyes and lips, and this shade fills the gap for me. I think that this shade looks gorgeous blended underneath the eyes and deep into the crease and works perfectly with golds, browns and obviously looks fantastic with black.




This next colour is called Taupe. This shade is a very brown version of the Brique colour above, which makes is wonderful as a shade that is smoked out from the crease and up. This colour is quite honestly the most orangey-brown that I have ever seen, which makes a perfect match with gold and bronze looks.



viseart8 This shade is called Café, and it literally is the colour of a nice warm Mocha (I should know.. I work as a Barista)!  This colour is my perfect contour shade, and believe it or not, I often partake in dipping my massive contour brush into this little shade and I am always so satisfied with it! It’s colours like these that really show the durability of this palette!




This next colour is called Charbon, which is French for Carbon, a matte black coloured chemical element, so Viseart know how to name their shades! Charbon is a gorgeously pigmented matte black and blends out so incredibly! I find that despite having several different matte black shades in different palettes, I always reach for this palette’s matte black when I need to darken up a look or smoke out my under-eye! I find that this colour blends very well with all of the other shades in this palette, even the white, and I often like using contrasting colours with it for a gradient effect on my eyes.




This colour is called Souris, French for mouse, and it is a cool toned grey colour… much like the grey mice that you get at pet shops! This colour is a very unique one for me, as I find it sits perfectly between white and black on the colour spectrum. This shade is so fun to work with and is the only shade this colour I have found. I find this colour looks great with my skin tone as it’s such a contrast to my slightly yellow hue.




This next shade is called Cendre and is a grey toned purple, which I honestly think is stunning! This shade is like the colour of those weird purple veins that you get and looks amazing as a transition shade when using bright purples as well as matte blacks on the lid! I like using this colour when I’m doing a very plain nude look to darken up the outer third of my eye and add definition to my crease!



The last colour in the palette is called Tabac, which is french for Tobacco, which is exactly what this colour is! It’s a very soft brown that sits perfectly between warm and grey toned browns and I find this colour one of the most useful in the whole palette! I use this colour as a transition shade on a daily basis, as a brow product for the lighter part of my brows and sometimes even as a contour as it looks so perfect on my skin!! If I haven’t convinced you to buy this palette already then this colour alone should do all of the talking!


I am honestly so happy that I took the plunge and purchased this palette… It retails at $80 (around £55) and whilst I can completely agree, that is expensive for any palette, I really am so impressed with the quality of this product! I never thought that I’d get so much use out of what looks like a very plain palette, but I find I reach for it almost everyday and I use it as the base of the majority of my eye looks as well as often dabbling in the darker shades for both contour and brow uses. I feel like this palette is one of those makeup staples that I’m sure professionals can’t live without.. and because of that, I will continue to support Viseart as a brand and purchase their palettes!

Ayesha x















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