Zoeva Bamboo Set Vol. 2

Complete SetSo this is the Zoeva Bamboo Volume 2 Set! It comes with 8 brushes (5 face brushes and 3 eye brushes), a gorgeous brush holder and a faux leather brush clutch.
Zoeva are a fairly new German brand and their first ever range only consisted of 10 brushes, so they have come incredibly far in the 8 or so years that they have been around and now sell a huge range of incredible brushes, accessories and even have their own makeup line!
Full Brush SetThis set consists of 8 vegan brushes that all have a handcrafted real bamboo handle and soft taklon hair, which is a synthetic fibre that feels exactly like real brush hair! As each brush is handcrafted, the handles are entirely unique in themselves and no two are the same, which I personally think is a very appealing quality.


103 Defined BufferThe first brush in the set is the 103 Defined Buffer. Zoeva suggest that you use this brush to apply and blend foundation and this is precisely what I use it for. The brush’s bristles are cut quite short and at a flat angle allowing for really great buffing. I find that my foundation doesn’t get too soaked up by the brush either, which is always a plus as you don’t use as much foundation when applying makeup.
128 Cream CheekThe next brush is the 128 Cream Cheek brush. I personally think that this brush is perfect for applying blush. I often struggle when applying blush and worry that I am heavy handed, so the soft and flexible bristles of this brush are far more efficient and when I use it, I can really control the amount of blush I apply and I find that I can really build up my blush to exactly how I want it with this brush.


109 Face PaintThis brush is one of my absolute favourite brushes of all time! The 109 Face Paint is literally the best brush I have found for precise contouring. I find that I can really sculpt out my cheekbones and jawline with this brush as it is cut just short enough for it to be slightly hard and not too long which would provide too much flexibility. Due to the length of the bristles, I find that I can both apply and blend out my contour, making this the all rounder that I need in my brush collection.


105 HighlightAs far as highlight brushes go, this one is pretty spectacular. Just like the 109 Face Paint, the 105 Highlight is an absolute gem of a brush. I can honestly say that I will never feel the need to purchase any different highlighter brushes and if you are looking for a highlight brush, then Zoeva have you covered! Zoeva sell the brushes from each collection/set as individuals too and this one is 12.80 Euros (around £10) on its own. I find that the way it is tapered and the softness of the bristles allows for a really blended highlight which is completely build-able and far more controllable than the way I used to apply my highlight (with my fingers… pretty badly).


142 Concealer BufferThe 142 Concealer Buffer does exactly what it says on it… it buffs out concealer, and quite well! Due to its tapered shape and short bristles, it plays as a perfect substitute for a fingertip! In fact, I have even tried to use this brush as a sort of stylus (only to see if it works) on a touch screen device and it did pick up once or twice, much to my amusement! I use this brush in circular motions to buff out and blend in my concealer both under my eyes and on any blemishes I want to conceal, and as it is a brush and not actually my finger, it is a far cleaner process!


227 Soft DefinerThis is the 227 Soft Definer brush and if you’re looking for a transition blending brush, then this is the brush for you! If you are familiar with the Mac 217 brush then the best way to explain this Zoeva brush to you is that it is a much softer more flexible version of that. I feel like this brush allows for a really soft application, which is perfect for transition shades and soft blending.


232 Classic ShaderSometimes, I feel that I need a brush that will just pack on colour to my whole lid, rather than any fancy blending or preciseness… This brush does exactly that. This is the 232 Classic Shader and it is quite honestly perfect for slathering on a colour all over the lid. I use this brush to pack on colours like bronzes and auburns all over the lid as I think that those colours look great with my brown eyes, and I generally just pack the colour on my lid and blend it out for a simple and very easy smokey eye.


317 Wing LinerThe last brush of the collection is the 317 Wing Liner brush. Please excuse the makeup still on the brush in this picture, it just goes to show how much I use this brush!! This brush is perfect for precise lines and sharp wings and I use it with both gel liner and liquid liner as it is just so much more precise than any other applicator I have both with the product and separate from it. One thing I will say, you need to clean this brush pretty frequently if you want to use it daily, especially if you use it to apply gel liners. As gel liners generally aim to dry, the excess product that doesn’t make it onto your eye begins to build up and clump together which makes the brush totally pointless. This issue tends to occur with every single brush used in the same way, so it is not the fault of the brush, just more an annoyance that is entirely unavoidable… but I thought that I would give you a heads up anyway.


Brush ClutchIncluded with this set is an incredibly pretty Brush Clutch, which allows for easy travel and protection of the gorgeous brushes it comes with! As the set is all vegan, this clutch is a faux leather material and has gorgeous gold hardware, which offers a really simple touch. The colour of this bag is somewhere between sand and beige and is slightly textured which I think makes the bag look far more expensive. The bag fits all of the brushes included in the set inside of it perfectly and acts as a protective pouch for the amazing brushes!


Bamboo Holder

As well as the brushes and the Clutch, the Bamboo Volume 2 set comes with this incredibly pretty Brush Holder. This brush holder is very well made and fits all 8 of the brushes from the set inside, closing the lid comfortably. I chose to use both the base and the lid as brush holders before running out of space entirely, so this is a great hack if you need more room for your brushes and don’t mind having them uncovered. I think that the design on this brush holder is super pretty and it is simple and tasteful enough to fit into every location without clashing too much with its surroundings!

Overall, I honestly think that the Zoeva Bamboo Vol. 2 brush set is worth every penny (and probably more than it’s priced). Zoeva have priced this set at 65 Euros (which is around £51) and as it includes 8 brushes, a holder and a clutch, I think that this is well worth the money! I haven’t come across brushes with this quality since I bought them and will definitely be buying from Zoeva again in the future!












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