Sleek Highlighting Palette: Solstice



Recently, I picked up this gorgeous highlighting palette by Sleek. I’ve fallen in love with highlighter by this point and every time I see something that catches my eye, I feel very inclined to purchase it! This one is called Solstice and consists of one cream highlight and three powders.  Continue reading


Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines: Review

benefit hoolaSo… I have recently tried my first tanning product!!!! As I am already pretty tanned, I needed to make sure that the product that I used wasn’t one that would drastically change my skin tone! Plus I kind of just wanted to look more bronzed for the summer rather than darker, if that makes any sense? Keeping all of this in mind, I am also INCREDIBLY lazy, and needed the product to take this into account! I mean you’re basically looking at someone who doesn’t use skincare… and hates ‘pampering’ herself…. so fuss-free is always a bonus for me! This product actually fit my needs!  Continue reading

May Favourites


Hi everyone, and welcome to my May Favourites blog post! I always like to do a more in-depth version of my monthly favourites on my blog as I like to ramble a lot and my videos are long enough as it is without needing me to go into crazy detail! I also like to leave links to items as well as swatches which I can’t necessarily always do in my videos! I’ll get straight into this then!

May Favourites.jpg Continue reading

Makeup Haul

So recently I have been smothered by a lot of uni work!! Of course it is generally my fault for not starting my essays early and leaving them to the last minute! I also suffered from the awful cold that has been going around… this took me out of YouTube and Blogging for two weeks, so for my frequent viewers and readers, I am very sorry! Luckily all of that time in bed and on the internet procrastinating and not doing my work led me to the likes of, beauty and and so the delivery man and I have now formed a friendship! Enjoy this pretty long read!! Continue reading

March Favourites

So this is my March Favourites video! I didn’t actually have much time to try new things during the month of March as I had two very significant people’s birthdays to plan for! However, I was able to really spend the time to go through some of the makeup that I hadn’t used for a while and try them out using techniques that I have learnt that could change how I use the product! Whilst quite a few of the products that I have been loving this month are brow products, there is a very good reason! I felt that I needed to venture out and change my brow routine (and as boring as this may sound to some, I actually had fun in doing so). Continue reading

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lips


So this is my Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatch video!! As long winded as that title was… it’s pretty informative!! Despite practically ripping off my lips during the making of this video, I did actually have fun filming it! It was a bit of a challenge as each time I’d remove a lipstick, I would have to re-do my makeup around my mouth… oh and combatted with the fact that I felt under pressure to do the lipstick justice in front of the camera! I think I nailed it though! Continue reading

Spring Lookbook

So this is my Spring Lookbook!!! This video was so fun to film (and also very cold…) and I am so happy with how it all turned out! I featured four looks that I thought would be perfect for Spring and I would like to go more in depth into each look and attach links to whatever I can find online for everyone!! Continue reading

What I Bought at Westfield

So, recently I visited a wonderful shopping centre in London, Westfield Stratford. Westfield has two huge shopping centres in London, one in White City, Hammersmith and the other in Stratford City (this one is much closer to where I am). I find the whole atmosphere of Westfield mesmerising as I didn’t visit huge shopping centres like it when I was younger!
Here’s the video of my Haul up on my YouTube Channel, and I will go more in depth with each item in this post!

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Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01

Viseart Palette

From Left to Right: Cannelle, Beige, Sable, Ivoire, Chocolat, Brique, Taupe, Café, Charbon, Souris, Cendre and Tabac

So this is the Viseart Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01… and I am IN LOVE with it!

Viseart are a French makeup brand that are well known by professional makeup artists both in France and around the world. The way that Viseart have branded themselves is really admirable and they pride themselves in their quality and passion for healthy products that are good for the user. I find that Viseart’s eyeshadows are incredibly buttery and soft and they honestly blend like a dream. I have never had any issues with their eyeshadows as their pigment, blendability and colours are impeccable! The main thing that draws me to this palette in particular is how I use it. I find that this palette is the sort of base palette that any makeup artist/ lover needs as it creates the base of any eyeshadow look, day time, night time, natural or smoky, this palette’s shadows sit perfectly behind the scenes and help to intensify and create a perfect colour story.
Another thing that I adore about this palette is the fact that they are all matte. Matte shades are perfect for me as I really enjoy playing with different layers underneath shimmers to intensify them and twist them to how I want them, so this palette is perfect for me!
One thing that intrigues me about Viseart is the way that they have designed their palettes as a multi-use tool. This palette can be used both wet and dry and works perfectly as eyeshadow, brow definer and even contour! Wetting these shades intensifies the pigment and I find that the multiple brown shades in the perfect allow me to create perfect slightly ombré brows. These brown shades also allow me to contour my face with both warm tones and grey tones, allowing the perfect shadow look in the contours of my face! Continue reading